Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Softball Cheers

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Funny softball cheers can be heard at many local softball parks where young girls enjoy themselves with coming up with new and creative cheers for their teammates and their team. Many times these funny softball cheers will even get thrown at the opposition's players to try and throw them off their game. Most of the time however, they are used to cheer teammates and boost the team spirit.

Softball cheers are one key part in softball that gives the sport its proper image and culture. These cheers that can always be heard during a game are what make softball so fun to be a part of. Many sports don't have players yelling out these types of cheers from their bench but softball does. As a result, the game has a whole different atmosphere with these softball cheers being used than other sports.

Some funny softball cheers that are using during a girls' fastpitch softball game is:

* Way to hang, way to hang way to do your thing sista sista.

* R-I-P-I-T, rip it for me baby, rip it (clap 4 times), (repeat)

* she stole on you (team repeat) while you were flippin your hair she was already there yeah she stole on you!

These funny softball cheers are something that baseball players would never consider using in their sport. Baseball players have a unwritten code on how to play the game and the cheers used in softball do not fit their code. They feel it is not manly enough and just a disgrace to America's pastime.

Softball players do not look at their "funny softball cheers" as a disgrace to the sport they love. Instead is another part that makes their fun game even more fun to play. It is another reason why softball players enjoy their game so much and what makes softball such a joy for everyone involved.

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